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Collection of Bonsai trees - September, 2005 .  

We have received a collection of Bonsai trees from Asia. Only a few trees of each species are available for sale because most were ordered in advance.  

Ochna integerrima - Hoa Mai, Mai Vang
The most celebrated flower in Viet-Nam, Hoa Mai is said to  bring good luck to its owner. Many cultivars have been bred with double flowers, fancy petal shapes, different color ... Most have bright yellow flowers with five petals. These plants are from 50cm to 100 cm in height, with trunk diameter from 10cm to 15cm. Price $45
Ochna integerrima - Hoa Mai, Mai Vang
These plants have been trained into bonsai shape. Ochna bonsai trees are valuable for their dark brown trunks and masses of bright yellow flowers at beginning of Spring. These bonsai trees are about 100cm high, with trunk diameter from 25 cm to 40 cm. Price $120
Wrightia religiosa - Water Jasmin - Mai Chieu Thuy
White fragrant flowers dangling on branches. A popular bonsai plant in the Orient. Each flower has a crystal-clear water drop in the center. This variety has small leaves, excellent for bonsai.
Ficus racemosa - Fortune Tree - Ca^y Sung
The name of this tree translate to 'Fortune'. It produces bunches of colorful figs right on the tree trunk! Very exotic and rare !
Ficus religiosa - Bo Tree - Cay Bo De
The name 'Bo' or 'Bodhi' translate to 'Enlightenment'. The Buddha (Sakyamuni) attained enlightenment after 49 days of meditation under this tree . A nice bonsai with deeply-veined heart-shaped leaves. The trunk becomes impressive with age, resembling an ancient tree. 
Punica granatum 'nana' - Pomegranate - Cay Luu
A fantastic, eye-catching bonsai tree that bears flowers and fruits year-round. Carnation-like flowers in bright orange followed by yellow-green fruits that turns beautiful burgandy when ripe. Fruits stay on tree for months !!!
Averhoa carambola - Star Fruit - Cay Khe
A fruit tree that is trained into bonsai shape. Nice double leaves and dark brown trunk. Clusters of light pink flowers followed by green star-shaped fruits that turn yellow when ripe.
Aglaia duperreana - Rice Flowers - Hoa Ngau
Clusters of tiny yellow fragrant flowers against a background of shiny bright green leaves. The fragrant flowers are used to flavour tea. Compact trees, excellent for bonsai.
Limonia acidissima - Wood Apple - Can Thang
A popular bonsai tree in Viet-Nam, this is a relative of the citrus. Also called elephant apple, the fruits are a favorite of elephants. Its zig-zag twigs and  ridged, fissured, scaly bark make good bonsai characters.

Murraya paniculata - Orange Jasmin - Nguyet Que
Produces clusters of white fragrant flowers which look like orange flowers. Nice bark texture, double shiny leaves, fragrant flowers sometimes followed by red berries.




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