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Flora Exotica - Contact Us !   

Flora Exotica is a retailer and producer of exotic seeds and plants
(flowers, fruit trees, foliage plants, vegetable&herb, silk plants).
We partner with growers in Canada, USA, and other countries 
to bring you the most unique and extensive collection of exotic plants in town .
We serve customers all over the world.

Some plants maybe available, but not listed on these pages because they are new or rare.
If you don't see the plant you are looking for, please inquire usinng contact  information below.

Flora Exotica
email perry@floraexotica.ca
phone (514) 747-7618
cell (514)
fax (514) 747-7618

Our internet store is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Show room in Montreal is opened by appointment only. Please call for location.

Bleeding Heart
(for indoor)

Nerium Oleander


Magenta Plant
(food color)


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