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Important: Please do not send payment until you have received confirmation about availability. Thank you for your order.

Note on Emails: There are many junk mails and spams that we delete every day without opening them. Please use a detailed, descriptive line for your Email subject to make your Email look different from spams. Including a plant name is a good way for me to know that the Email is not a junk mail or a spam trying to sell drug and software. Thanks.

Prices are subject to changes and seasonal fluctuation. Taxes are already included. Prices are in Canadian Dollars for Canadian customers.
Prices are in US Dollars for USA and International customes.

You can order by phone, fax, or email. Please include your full name, email, phone numbers, quantity, description, and price. Place your order early as supplies are limited and some items may become unavailable because of crop failure or changes in agriculture regulations. Once the order is received, we will contact you to verify details, confirm availability, and to arrange for shipping, pick-up, or delivery.

Minimum Order Amount for Plants: For orders to pick-up, there is no minimum order amount. For plant orders that need shipping, we will need to spend lots of time to pack plants carefully for the trip. For that reason, please observe a minimum order amount of $50 for plants (before shipping charge). The more you ship, the less average shipping cost per plant will become. 

Minimum Order Amount for Seeds: The minimum order amount for seeds is $10 (before shipping charge). If you order both plants and seeds, only Minimum Order for Plants applies.

Payment Online: You can securely pay from your bank-account or charge to your credit card, using PAYPAL - the global leader in online payment solutions. 'Send Money' to perry@floraexotica.ca using this link:  

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Payment by Money Order: You can also send a money order payable to Phuc Nguyen, 2435 rue Valade, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, CANADA H4M-1N2

Availability: Some plants are available only some time of the year (seasonal). Many rare and unusual plants require advance reservation. Most seeds are available year round. Some seeds have to be fresh to germinate. Please call or email to inquire about availability before ordering.

Shipping Season: We ship year-round, weather permitting. Most seeds can be shipped year-round. Most live plants can be shipped from March to December. If we receive your order outside shipping season, we can reserve the plants for you and collect payment just before shipping. 

Pick-up (free of charge): Customers in or near Montreal can pick-up their orders free-of-charge at our Montreal location in Ville Saint-Laurent. Please call for address and appointment.

Shipping Seeds:  We can ship seeds to locations in Canada, USA, and international. Shipping and Handling charge is $5 for up to 10 packets in North America, $8 to other destinations. If you order both plants and seeds, the seeds get free shipping.

Shipping Plants in USA and Canada:  We ship everywhere in continental USA and Canada. Shipping normally takes 1 to 8 days depending on your location. Give us your postal code with your order so we can calculate the precise cost. Most carriers do not insure perishable nor fragile items, so shipping is at your own risk. We pack plants very carefully so they have a good chance to arrive safely.

Shipping  Plants beyond continental North America (Hawaii, Europe, Asia...)  Agricultural regulations require that only bare-root plants can be sent to these destinations. Please check with us to see if the plants you want to order can endure the journey without soil. 

Dwarf Bamboo
(for indoor)

Dwarf Lotus
(for pot/tub)

Rose Apple
(fruit tree)

Orchid Cactus

Bottle Gourd
(for stir-fried)



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